Monday, 22 June 2015


Wireless Induction Vehicle Charging (WEVC)

The Future is Wireless EV Charging

"Qualcomm is pioneering the development of Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology as a way to bring Electric Vehicles (EV) to the mass market. Simplicity and Ease of Use are key features of Qualcomm Halo WEVC, which will help drive global EV adoption." - Qualcomm Halo

Induction charging cars

Some of the most public advancements in clean technology have been in transport development. But, while Google’s driverless cars and Elon Musk’s Tesla have received plenty of attention, research and development into electrical vehicle charging has gone largely unnoticed. OK, plugging cars into sockets may not be especially interesting, but imagine an electric car being charged while it drives on the road?

The UK’s Transport Research Laboratory announced in March this year that it is conducting a feasibility study into dynamic wireless power transfer (WPT) technology on Britain’s roads in order to prepare for – and potentially encourage – greater usage of electric vehicles. It’s still some way off but the intent is good.

A more immediate goal is to introduce induction charging in cars to remove the need for cumbersome cables. Qualcomm Halo is one of a few companies (including BMW and Volkswagen) pioneering the development of wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC) technology. Trials have already been held in London and according to Anthony Thomson, the vice president of Qualcomm Technologies, “the future of urban mobility is electric and wireless – and wireless EV charging holds the key to mass adoption of EVs.”
 - Marc Ambasna-Jones in the Guardian

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